Tactical Backpack: For all Occasions

A tactical backpack can be used for hunting and fishing. The kinds of hobbies that can only be described as addictive, especially when conducted in the right manner and with the right gear. This is where tactical backpacks come in, tactical backpacks are crucial in ensuring that any individual who reveres the outdoors, hunting or fishing is able to carry all his/her accessories with them.

For whatever reason you want to buy a backpack, it is always important to choose a tactical backpack that will give you the service you need. Tactical backpacks come in handy for various environments including camping, fishing, hiking and sports.

Tactical backpacks are tailored for extreme durability. They are usually bigger than your average backpacks and have more compartments which really makes them functional and perfect for sports use.

With a wide range of sizes and qualities available, it is necessary for you to pick a tactical range bag that is best suited for your particular need. The last thing you want is a backpack that suddenly becomes too small or your needs or breaks the zipper. Therefore, when choosing a tactical shoulder bag, you should go beyond the budget factor and make a worthwhile investment by considering the following factors.


Tactical backpacks are designed for heavy usage. This notwithstanding, you should be able to enjoy a level of comfort when using it. This is especially so when you are using it for sports purposes. You don’t want your game to be compromised just because you used an uncomfortable tactical range bag.

Carrying Capacity.

The carrying capacity is a very important factor to consider. The capacity of a tactical backpack determines just how much you can haul. The space available is usually dependent on the number of the compartments and their shape.

When looking at the carrying capacity, you have to consider how much weight you want to carry around because the larger the volume, the heavier it will become. For a tactical backpack carrying basketball equipment and sports, one with a medium volume is ideal so that you don’t carry too much weight in it.

Material and durability.

The material used to make backpack affects its strength and durability. Every material has its own pros and cons.

· Nylon. Good quality nylon is strong and makes durable backpack which is fast drying and easy to clean.

· Rip-stop nylon. Rip-stop nylon is much stronger than the traditional nylon. It is made by weaving larger threads into the usual nylon. It is a more preferable choice if you require a sturdy tactical shoulder bag.

· Polyester. Polyester is much more resistant to ultra-violet rays than nylon.

· Canvas. Canvas is highly durable but quite heavy on the other hand.


You need to ensure that you tactical range bag meets your gym requirements. Carefully consider what you need to carry and the compartments that will be suitable for this. A backpack with multiple compartments of various sizes is ideal to ensure that you can arrange and easily access all your gear.

Tactical backpacks offer the comfort, durability and organization you require to handle your sports gear. They are made to be strong and functional so that you can have everything you require in one place. Each bag has its pros and cons that make it suitable or unsuitable for your particular context. It is important to take your time when choosing. Doing research and reading online reviews can be quite helpful in ensuring you get the right bag. Get the dimensions right and ensure it is the right size before making the order.

In any outdoor escapade, the accessories are quite crucial and to many life savers, yes life saver both literally and figuratively. A tactical backpack can either be categorized as fishing backpacks, hunting backpacks, cammo backpacks and tactical backpacks to name a few.

A Few Tactical Backpack’s

5.11 Tactical Backpack: Rush 12

The RUSH 12 from 5.11, is a highly lauded, superior performing Back pack. It can be used as a tactical assault pack, emergency go pack or even a hunting backpack. Sixteen total compartments provide a wide range of storage options, each one sized for a specific use.

The Rush 12 consists of 16 compartments which provide storage options for almost any arrangement you can think of. Each compartment of the Rush 12 has been designed around and for specific uses.

Some of the Rush 12 additional features are an admin panel (internal) for small accessory organization; 60 oz. hydration pocket; Sunglass pocket lined in fleece to protect eye-wear. A MOLLE & SlickStick system, compatible web platform, which allows for storage customization to meet your every need.

The RUSH-12 at a Glance

5.11 rush 12 | tactical backpack

  • Sixteen customization compartments
  • Multi-purpose, high performance tactical back-pack
  • Large main storage compartment
  • MOLLE/SlickStick, wrap around type web platform
  • Hydration compartment
  • Fleece lining with zipper eye glass pocket
  • Multi slot compartment
  • Place for patches & nametape

Here are some of the best and popular fishing backpacks.  One of the best fishing backpack is the:

Wild River Fishing Backpack CLC WT3604

wild river | fishing backpack
The Wild River backpack is known mainly because of the amazing features that it possess, they include the following:

• Integrated 3-level led light system. This feature is crucial in ensuring that it is possible to conduct your fishing activities from dusk to down without much ado.

• It has a protective rain cover, which are imperative in ensuring the bag is kept clean and dry

• The backup also has an integrated 5oomAh rechargeable USB power supply that extends the battery life of personal electronics. This also enables you to stay connected always, not even outdoor activities can hinder you from staying connected always.

• External and internal mesh pockets that enables viewing of content super easy.

Some other Wild River Fishing Backpacks: Wild River by CLC WT3702, Wild River CLC WT3605, Wild River CLC WT3503.

Shimano blackmoon Fishing Backpack

Shimano blackmoon fishing backpack is another great fishing backpack. The main advantage with this backpack is that you are assured durability. The backpack is of very high quality, this ensures its performance is efficient. This is achieved through its durable textured fabric construction. Some of its other features include the following;

• Elastic loops on both sides to ensure that there is that extra room for pliers and other similar tools.

• Multiple pockets for gear storage.

• Zip out cover, In case of a light rain, you should not worry when you have this backpack, this is because with this zip out cover you are able to protect your precious content from the rain.

• Two ways zippered front opening .This is for easy opening of the backpack.

• Zippered side pockets, these are crucial for extra storage.

Superfisher waterproof outdoors heavy duty backpack is also one of the best fishing backpacks. Some of the amazing features that this backpack has includes the following;

• 6 pockets, they do come in handy in ensuring you have a place for all your accessories.

• 22”long * 7” wide * 15” tall. The size is undeniably large enough for all your accessories.

• The backpack is also water proof.

• It has a high thicken cloth that ensures the bag is durable, heat resistant, anti-acid, not sticky, sliding and apparently firm.

• The backpack also has a large adjustable padded shoulder straps and super easy to access front pockets.

Cammo backpacks are highly regarded as unique and to many the best, this is without mentioning the fact that they are conspicuously affordable. Some of the best cammo backpacks in the market currently includes the following;

ExtremePak Digital Cammo Heavy-Duty Army Backpack

Some of the amazing features that this backpack has include the following;

ExtremePak | cammo backpack
• Large enough pockets, including interior mesh pockets. They play a role of safekeeping your accessories.

• The shoulder straps are detachable and adjustable.

• The general size of the backpack can also be correctly described as large, this is crucial in ensuring you are able to carry all the relevant hunting tools.

• The buckles can also be accurately described as heavy duty.

More ExtremePak

Everest digital cammo backpack, digital camouflage, is also one of the best cammo backpacks. This backpack can be described in numerous terms, but to many it is widely regarded as a classic backpack in digital camouflage print. Some of the amazing features that this backpack posses includes the following;

•Padded shoulder straps

• Front zippered pockets and the key ring.


Extreme Pak LUBPSD digital cammo water repellent backpack is also a very popular camouflage backpack that many love. Some of the amazing features that this backpack has include the following;

• Multiple zippered closure pockets and a mesh water bottle holder on each side,

• Padded adjustable shoulder straps handle and back.

These are some of the imperative features that any hunting backpack should have and luckily enough this cammo backpack has it.

A Tactical backpack is also very popular among the people who love hunting, mainly because of their durability and comfort .Some of the bestselling backpacks includes the following ; 5.11 tactical 1 day rush backpack. This backpack has the following features;

• Large main storage area

• Dual zipping side pockets and the three mesh admin compartments. The backpack is also durable this is made possible by the 1050 nylon, water repellent coating and 2070 cubic inch capacity.

Red rock outdoor gear rover sling pack is another great tactical backpack. Its amazing features are the ones that make this backpack to be a favorite bag to many, especially it is quick, and hands free carry. The backpack is known to posses four storage compartments that are large enough, large enough to carry ammunition, first aid kit, binoculars, ammunition etc.

Hunting backpacks

Here are some of the best hunting backpacks; one of them is:

ALPS OutdoorZ 964910 dark timber daypack

ALPS OutdoorZ | tactical backpack
The bag offers very many priceless benefits, though its comfort and durability stands out. Some of the other features that this backpack possesses include the following;

• Shoulder straps and padded waist belt.

• Three separate pockets that ensure your gear is organized, the backpack has water bottle pockets on both side, the pack is also hydration compatible and has lashing straps to tie down even more gear.

G.P.S Handgunner Backpack

GPS Handgunner | tactical backpack
The unique factor with this backpack is that it allows hands free transportation. This is the perfect backpack for that avid gun shooter to carry his handguns, extra magazines, Ammo, shooting glasses, ear protection, target stapler tape, binoculars, shooting mats, all of this in this one backpack.

With the above backpacks you are assured fully of comfort and durability, why don’t you give one of the bags a try right away?

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